In 1963, Milton handed over the reins of the family-owned business to his son, Barry. During this decade, a contemporary and more spacious shop was built, and modern equipment was purchased to improve production efficiencies. In 1965, the slaughter side of the business was discontinued, and the livestock was shipped to Van Isle Meat Packers in View Royal. This provided more space, enabling Glenwood Meats to embark on the hotel and restaurant wholesale supply business, providing growth for the company and its employees. In 1968, the company opened its second location at the Farmer’s Market in View Royal, creating more opportunity for growth and a larger customer base. In 1972, Glenwood Meats purchased the Van Isle Meat Packers Ltd abattoir business. Later that same year, the Duncan Farm Boy Meat Market was opened at the Farmer’s Market/Whippletree Junction location. In 1974, Barry retired from the day-to-day meat operations to pursue other business interests, and all locations except the Glenwood Farms location on Glenlake Road were sold. In 1981, Barry’s eldest son Rick assumed ownership of the company, staying true to his family roots by opening Glenwood Meat Packers on the same site as the original Glenwood Farms.

Today, the Fisher family runs a modern, progressive business, with a large customer base and an excellent reputation in the community. From generation to generation, Glenwood Meats has maintained its strong traditions of superior quality, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service.