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Pride Of Szeged Sweet Paprika



Pride of Szeged Hungarian Sweet Paprika is a versatile ingredient with fans all over the world. Great in goulash and stews, potato and cucumber salad, devilled eggs, sauces and home-made rubs.

Indulge in the distinctive taste of Szeged Sweet Paprika Powder, carefully crafted from hand-picked Hungarian peppers for an authentic culinary experience.

Sourced exclusively from the world-renowned Szeged region, ensuring exceptional quality, flavor, and consistency in every batch.

Add a pop of vibrant red color and a captivating aroma to your favorite dishes, from meats and vegetables to sauces and marinades, with our exquisite sweet paprika powder.

Elevate your recipes with the versatile nature of sweet paprika powder. Use it as a seasoning, rub, or garnish to enhance the flavor profile of a wide range of dishes, both savory and sweet.

– Ingredients: Hungarian Sweet Paprika.