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Yeshi Dressing Caesar

Yeshi is a nutritional yeast

Large Steak & Kidney Pie

Made in house, flaky crust

Pork Tongue

Pork Tongue

Pixie Chicks Saigon Dreams 100gr

This lemongrass, cilantro and citrus

House of Q Rock’N Red BBQ Sauce

There are different styles of

Bone in Pork Loin Roast

Bone in pork roast, lean

Pigs Head

Pigs Head.

Rock Coast Protein Bar Caramel Chocolate

RockCoast Confections uses only natural

Natural Value Organic Coconut Cream

Only pure coconut! Natural Value

Eve’s Crackers Black Sesame

Dip it, spread it, cheese

Redmond Real Fine Sea Salt 284gr

Is Your Salt Real? A

Yeshi Dressing Mild Chili

Yeshi is a nutritional yeast

Ginger People Spicy Ginger Teriyaki Sauce

A versatile marinade, simmer sauce

Pixie Chicks Bliss Mix 100gr

Warm heat, and a little

Natural Value Lite Coconut Milk

Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk